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Valloire Nature et Avenir is a local association from Valloire Savoie Alps France (ski and mountain resort). We aim at maintaining  the authenticity of our traditional village as well as the high quality environment and the wilderness of our mountains.
This web site contains some photo albums of the Valloire that we like and that we would like to somehow preserve.  We hope they will make you want to visit us for your ski or summer holidays in the French Alps.

Our association has interests and activities in the following areas:

Town planning: Our association thinks that our village has  grown too quickly and with too many condominiums. Increasing the valley density will not enable the high quality environment and development that we want for our ski and mountain resort. This is why we campaign for a break in any new large building  projects...We hope that you will support us.

Motorized leisure in natural spaces: Our association  is also against the use of 4 wheels drive vehicles (quads,...) in the wilderness for leisure. This is why we disapprove the development of events like the TransvalQuad or Foire du 4x4...that  conflicts with the high quality green tourism that we are calling for. 

Promotion of cultural activities: Our association  organizes the following events:
  • during the ski and summer season,   movie projections  and discussions (in French) on environmental topics (Flora, Fauna, beekeeping (apiculture),...
  • In the summertime, we also organize a photo contest on alpine flowers and  architectural heritage from our valley.
  • We hope that our web site will be of interest to you. For more information on our actions and activities, thanks to visit our French pages.



    Régis de Poortere (33) 0479590102 0476251300  (president)
    Marie-France Martin (33) 0479590102  (secretary)
           Martine Falcoz (33) 0670515667 (paymaster)
    Association Valloire Nature Et Avenir
    Chalet Pierre-Paul, Les Verneys, 73450 Valloire  France
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